Why have Web-Cote make your glueboards?

GLUE is all we DO!

Our competitors make multiple product lines for the pest control marketplace, dividing their focus. We ONLY manufacture glue products for pest control, which allows us to put everything into making sure we are always developing and testing new adhesive formulations to ensure our glueboards always outlast, outcatch, and outperform all other boards in the marketplace.

We are exclusively private label

We are able to focus only on our customers own products, allowing us to work closely with each account from their products early conceptual stage to the final pack-off. This ensures a strong relationship that helps us to consistently meet their particular needs.

We don’t compete against our customers in the marketplace

Which ultimately sets up an unfair price advantage.

We are made in the USA!

All of our products are manufactured in the USA using all USA made raw materials. No worrying about overseas shipping delays!

Our customer service is top notch

We are known for our friendly and quality service. We stand behind everything we make, and we take seriously the importance of rectifying problems quickly and to the satisfaction of our customers. Because we are a small company, you always have access to the decision makers, and to the people actually producing your products.

We are a small (soon to be woman owned) business!

With the big guys acquiring the little guys everyday in the pest control markets, we are proud to be able to keep small company values and personal relationships as a cornerstone of our business model, while being able to provide the same products and services as the big guys!

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Web-Cote Industries
141 Wheatsworth Rd.
Hamburg, NJ 07419, USA
Tel: 973-827-2299
Fax: 973-827-0069

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