Why PMPs Use Rodent Bait Stations

Safety is foremost, but there are other benefits.

The Role IPM Plays in a Rodent Control Program

A successful rodent IPM program deploys multiple tools that all point to the same goal: preventing a rodent infestation from occurring in the first place or quickly dispatching an infestation and making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Penn State Extension

Spotted Lanterfly Management Guide

Publication providing comprehensive details on the spotted lanternfly, including identification and life cycle; quarantine and distribution; host range, phenology, and damage; and management.

Always accompany your sticky band with a wildlife barrier to reduce bycatch

Why do Stink Bugs Stink?

As stink bugs continue to spread throughout the country, customers will likely have questions about this occasional invader. Here’s what you can tell them.

Why Insects are Attracted to Light at Night

Contrary to popular lore, insects do not confuse artificial light for the moon.

Why Flying Insects Gather at Artificial Light

Explanations of why nocturnal insects fly erratically around fires and lamps have included theories of “lunar navigation” and “escape to the light”.

The Formidable Indian Meal Moth

Do you know all of the places to look for this pest?

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