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Welcome to Web-Cote Industries – Hot Melt Adhesive Coaters Specializing in OEM and Private Label Glue Products for the Pest Control Industry!

We are well known in the professional pest control market for our industry leading trapping adhesives, innovative ideas, friendly service, 100% USA made products with US manufactured materials, and for being the only exclusively private label producer in the business. We take great pride in the fact that the products we produce are an integral part of preserving the health and safety of people worldwide. Our customer base includes companies of all sizes – from small PCO’s to Fortune 500 companies.

Our website has been designed to provide both an overview of our product offerings and manufacturing capabilities, and serve as a resource for anyone interested in understanding the importance of glue boards as part of an overall pest management program. Look around the site and get to know us!

You will find resource sections containing safety information, use instructions, educational content, and sell sheets. You can even learn a little about our company history! Feel free to contact us for more information on anything related to the pest control industry – we have a wide network of experts and vendors in every sector of the pest control industry we would be happy to connect you with if we are unable to answer your questions or meet your needs. And be sure to check back in often to keep up with us via our blog STICKY NOTES!


We have an assortment of standard pest control glue trap designs that we can customize to your specification, or we would be happy to work with you to help develop your own unique trap!


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