History of Web-Cote Industries

Web-Cote Industries was started in Newark, NJ in 1986 by Ronald Grabowski and Zygmunt “Ziggy” Chojnacki, who came from backgrounds in adhesives and chemistry, to design and manufacture products not commonly available in the market. With their extensive knowledge of hot melt adhesives, they were able to find exactly the right adhesive needed to coat or bond their customers various flexible and semi-rigid substrates, often developing custom formulations.

The name of the company came from the type of equipment they were operating, web presses, which run continuous rolls of paper or other substrates, and cote, a play on the spelling of the word coat, which was what they were doing on their web presses, coating hot-melt adhesives! Some of their early products included applying the adhesive to peel and press hook and loop tape, developing a specialty film for use in oil filters, depilatory tapes, screw seal tape for RV’s and boats, and pantry moth traps.

Move to a new location

A few years later the business moved to Franklin, NJ, where it continued to grow to the point they needed a larger manufacturing facility, and they built our current home here in Hardyston Township, NJ in 1992.

Throughout the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Web-Cote began attracting more business from the pest control markets, and they started making more types of glue traps, including items such as rodent and insect glue traps, and agricultural items such as fly string for use in barns, etc. At one point, they even tried to market their own brand of glue traps called “Web-Trap”, but that never really took off as most of the customers coming to them wanted to sell their own brand, so we became a exclusively private label manufacturer.

They began supplying a large number of glue traps to the Latin American professional distribution market, as well as producing turnkey product for retail distributors. One of those retail distributors was Roxide International, former owner of the Revenge brand of pest products.

A new chapter

Around 2005 Ron and Ziggy, nearing retirement, began looking for a buyer for the business. James Cowen, the owner of Roxide, caught wind that one of his main suppliers was for sale, so in order to ensure the stability of his current company he began negotiations with Ron and Ziggy to buy them out, and in October of 2006 the company had a new owner, and a new chapter was about to begin.

With Jim coming from a distribution and sales background, not manufacturing, Ron stayed on board for a couple of years to help with the transition, and Susan Masciarelli joined the company in early 2008. Susan was coming from a manufacturing background and was hired to “get all the information out of Ron’s head” before he completely retired. With Jim’s large network of contacts in the pest control world, and Ron and his deep and wide knowledge of hot melt adhesives retiring, it wasn’t long before the company started to evolve away from specialty adhesives to find our niche as a manufacturer of exclusively private label products for the pest control industry.

Web-Cote Today

Web-Cote has worked closely with various adhesive manufacturers over the last decade developing and testing various formulas to stay on top of the current needs of the pest control market. Today, our “bread and butter” products are our glueboards for Insect Light Traps. Our light trap replacements boards are recognized as some of the best in the industry with the highest catch rates and ability to stay tacky under both fluorescent and LED UV-A light for more than 90 days. We still produce plenty of the original glue traps for rodents, moths, spiders, snakes, spotted lanternflies, and agricultural traps too! We have some exciting projects on the horizon and are now looking ahead towards continued growth in the professional market, expanding our private label retail customer base, and delving into more government contracting opportunities.

Jim is now mostly retired, and Susan has been running the company, along with our Operations Manager Andrew Kozdron, for the last few years. Susan is currently in the process of purchasing the company from Jim, with the deal expected to close before the end of 2024.

Stay tuned….the FUTURE of Web-Cote is coming soon!

Our Mission 

To provide high quality private label glue traps to the professional, retail, and government pest control and agricultural markets, at a competitive price, backed by excellent customer service. We accomplish this by manufacturing our glue traps in the USA, with all USA sourced materials, by ongoing continuous improvement efforts in our production processes, by continually working on development and testing of new adhesives and raw materials, and by developing relationships with our customers that are mutually beneficial.


Vision Statement

To innovate new ideas for glue traps and assist customers in developing their unique ideas by having qualified adhesives for various purposes, and leveraging our relationships with adhesive companies to develop new adhesives as needed to address specific challenges.

To be an industry leader of high quality, US made glue products for the pest control markets.

To advocate for the importance of pesticide free options as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

To educate the public of the importance of pest control for public health, food safety, and protection of property – and the role glue boards play in this system.


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