Our goal is to make the process of developing, introducing a new product, or increasing business for an existing product as smooth and easy as possible for our customers. To do this, we are able to offer several value-added services to our customers.

Product Design & Development

We can help you design a trap to meet your exact needs. We know the right type of color, material, printing, and accessories your product needs to perform as intended. We can even help with testing too! Learn more about our trapping glues here.

Graphic Design Assistance

Our experienced graphic designer is available to collaborate with you in crafting strategic materials tailored to complement your current brand identity, or to assist in the creation of a fresh, distinctive look for your product.

Testing Capabilities

We have resources both in-house and external that can help test your product vs competitors, test a concept, or test efficacy.

Turn-Key Packaging Available

We are able to bring your product from conception to the final retail pack.

Glue Trap Accessories

This includes supplying pheromone lures, hangers, instructional sheets, etc.

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