Specialty Products
Some of the specialty products we have developed:
              Pressure Sensitive Tapes              Protective Coatings
              Extrusion Coating                            Depilatory Tapes & Sheets
              Hook and Loop tape                        Screw seal tape
              Barrier tapes                                       Greenhouse insect catchers
              Tent repair tape                                 Fly paper
              Body tapes

As a value added service to our customers, we also offer an extensive variety of Pheromone Lures to go with our products. Lures are most commonly provided in individual packets; however, we do have the ability with many formulations to put the pheromone right into the glue. (Some of the most common lures we provide are Pantry Moth (IMM), Clothing Moth, Codling Moth, Stink Bug, Wasp, and Fly)


Pest Control
We have an assortment of standard designs that we can customize to your specification, or we would be happy to work with you to help develop your own unique trap! We can recommend the best colors, scents, adhesives, and even shapes for your product based on our extensive industry testing. Some of the common items we manufacture:


We also have several referral relationships with other manufacturers who can provide you with private label pest control products of the non-adhesive variety, such as Rodent Snap Traps, Round Mouse traps, Gopher Traps, PCO Dusters, Live Animal Traps, Aerosols, dusts, granules, and liquids. 

            INSECT CONTROL
              Fly Light Glue Boards
              Moth Traps
              Spider Traps
              Insect Monitors
              Flea Traps
              Fly Paper
              Fly Sticks
              Fly String
              Jumbo Fly Catchers
              Roach Traps
              Stink Bug Traps
              Window Fly Traps
              Bed Bug Traps

              RODENT CONTROL
              Mouse Glue Boards
              Rat Glue Boards
              Snake Glue Boards



              Delta Traps
              Greenhouse monitoring cards/rolls
              Plant Stakes
              Tree Banding Rolls
              Soft spreadable glues